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Curve Surfboard Sling


The Curve Surfboard Sling is a pre-shaped sling that wraps snugly and securely around any 'naked' surfboard (or boardsock) with a simple 1 step closure no buckles required

  • Carry your board w/out a board bag
  • Stop wax transfer from other surfboards
  • Removable adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Easily adjusts to carry one or two surfboards
  • Large pocket stores gear with mesh for drainage
  • Simple hook & loop closure secures around any board in seconds


Shortboard sling fits all standard shortboards including mini-mals up to 8' max width 21.5". Two shortboards max combined width is 42".

Longboard sling fits all standard longboards over 8', max width 24". For longboard + shortboard max combined width is 42".